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Real Estate Videos

Are you using real estate videos as a part of your overall marketing strategy? If not, you should be! A recent study by the National Association of Realtors found that 73% homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video to market their home; however, only 9 percent of agents create listing videos.

Do you know what that means?

1. Incorporating videos in your marketing strategy will garner more business

2. Almost none of your competitors are currently using video. That means you’ll stand out from the crowd by giving the seller what they're looking for.

What kind of listing video should you use? Well, that all depends upon your marketing budget for the listing. If the listing price is less than $1,000,000.00, you’ll probably want to go with a standard listing video that walks buyers through the property.

Life Style Video

Lifestyle is a big selling point in real estate but especially important in luxury real estate.

If your listing price is more than $1,000,000.00, you’ll have a higher marketing budget and your clientele will be expecting a little more. The buyer is not plunking down $500,000, $1 Million or even $30 million for a piece of land with a pool and a view, they are purchasing a lifestyle. That’s where the Lifestyle Listing Video comes in. A Lifestyle Listing video makes a listing stand out from the crowd by giving buyers a feel for the lifestyle they will have when living in the house. A Life Style Video offers a way to not only show what a home looks like; it helps the buyer to picture what their lives would be like in that home. A good Life Style Video will create an emotional connection with a buyer, helping them mentally move in to a property.

Here’s an example of a Life Style Real Estate Video I shot for Premier Sotheby's Realty:

Introduction Video

Do you have one? If not, here’s why you need one!

Think about it, how do you gain a buyer or seller’s trust if they’re shopping for a realtor online? Even if you were recommended to them by a friend (that’s how 64% of sellers find their realtors, according to a 2016 NAR study) a savvy buyer or seller is going to look you up online before they ever pick up the phone. So, why not make your pitch to them right there on your website.

An introduction video is a quick, friendly video that you can use to introduce yourself to cold leads online, as well as warmer leads who want to get to know you better. Think of your introduction video as an elevator pitch for your services. What can you offer clients that other agents can’t?

Having your introduction video professionally produced can have a great ROI. You can use this video in a lot of places and for a long period of time, so hiring a professional is a sound investment. 

For a great example of an effective introduction video, take a look at these videos I created for Orlando, FL realtor, Tiffany Pantozzi.

Drone Video and Photo

To drone or not to drone, that is the question

Drone videos have become very popular over the past several years. And for good reason. According to MLS, homes with aerial images or videos sell 68% faster than homes with only standard images/videos. That being said, not every listing is worthy of a drone video or image.

Important points to consider when deciding whether or not to use a drone in your listing:

1. This isn’t something you can DIY you way through. Thanks to recent FAA regulations, flying a drone now requires a remote pilot license.

2. Is the property you’re selling worth getting an arial view of? If it’s a tiny zero lot line property, probably not. On the other hand, if it's a one acre $500,000 home, then yes, drone shots and/or videos are a must.

Here are some examples of Drone Videos and Photos I've done:

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