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Real Estate Photos


According to a recent NAR study, 51% of home buyers find their home on the internet, so it’s important to make sure your internet presence is on point. Just as with a profile video, a good headshot photo will help build trust with potential clients before they even talk to you.

Here are some tips for great headshot photos.

1. Keep your photo up to date. While you might be tempted to use to use an old photo because you like it, what happens when you meet a client face-to-face and they discover you are 50 and not 35? That's kind of like putting an old photo on an online dating site.

2. Check your posture. Body language makes up 55% of all human communication, so make it count!

3. If you're shooting outside, make sure it's during the golden hour! This is the hour right before sunset that gives everything a beautiful golden glow. 

4. Be your self! Sure, it's great to get all dolled up, but just like tip 1 above, you don't want to be so dolled up that you're unrecognizable. 

5. Smile! People are much more likely to feel at ease with you if they're first impression is of you smiling.

Here are some of my favorite headshots:

Drone Video and Photo

To drone or not to drone, that is the question

Drone videos have become very popular over the past several years. And for good reason. According to MLS, homes with aerial images or videos sell 68% faster than homes with only standard images/videos. That being said, not every listing is worthy of a drone video or image.

Important points to consider when deciding whether or not to use a drone in your listing:

1. This isn’t something you can DIY you way through. Thanks to recent FAA regulations, flying a drone now requires a remote pilot license.

2. Is the property you’re selling worth getting an arial view of? If it’s a tiny zero lot line property, probably not. On the other hand, if it's a one acre $500,000 home, then yes, drone shots and/or videos are a must.

Here are some examples of Drone Videos and Photos I've done:

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