Kplus9 Productions


Clothing is all about motion.

Megan Mackenzie

Trina Waicul

Sweat Editorial

Editorial for Elegant Magazine

Red at Grand Bo

Fashion video featuring a dress by Soul Stitch and set in the atmospheric Grand Bohemian Hotel in Orlando, FL.

Drive Alpa

Produced for Fashion Blogger and influencer Alpa Rama.

Umatilla Editorial

Out in the middle of nowhere Florida there is a $10 million mansion and a story.

Live Pop-up Fashion Show - Fashion Wonderland

One take, once chance to get it right. Partnering up with Fused Fashion we took on the challenge to produce a single take live fashion show in the beautiful house (and imagination) of Shayla Farnsworth.

Rain and Rainbow

Fashion bloggers and influencers Alpa Rama and Aida Vianna teamed up in this rain and rainbow fashion video.

Kristie O'Brien

Produced for Kristie O’Brien for her Planet Beach entry.

Hunter Denoyelles - Wet Seal

Produced for Hunter Denoyelles for her Wet Seal model search entry.

Victoria's Secret

We produced in partnership with model Hunter Denoyelles featuring clothing by Victoria’s Secret.

Courtney Bucher

A day at the beach with Courtney Bucher.

Laura Pelletier

Laura Pelletier served in the USA military and shares a passion for fashion.