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Bruce Berryman - Multi Sports Performance Specialist

Bruce takes physical training to the next level by building a true relationship with his trainees. He dives deep into what makes them tick, their motivations, drive, aspirations, and emotional heath. Physical training to him is so much more than showing up and working the muscles, it’s about working the brain as well. His trainees are stronger physically and mentally.

Living Vitalitea - Hand Crafted Kombucha

Kombucha is a raw, fermented, and effervescent tea tonic loaded with probiotics, organic acids, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants. With over 2,200 years of history, Kombucha is known to detoxify the liver, re-establish healthy gut flora, strengthen the immune system, and rebalance natural pH levels in the body. Living Vitalitea was founded in 2013 in Orlando, FL with the promise and commitment to provide the highest quality raw and organic Kombucha. Now you can enjoy a delicious, bubbly tea tonic from a company dedicated to your wellbeing.  Cheers to your health!

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Better Every Day Gym

Better Every Day® was created from an inspiring combination of the love for fitness and performance, The Relentless Pursuit for Excellence, and an overall positive lifestyle. As progressive styles of exercise, such as Functional Training and Movement-Based protocols, have begun to revolutionize the fitness and performance industry, Better Every Day proudly remains aggressively on the front edge of this movement.

From professional athletes looking to maximize their performance, to young athletes improving their physical literacy through Long Term Athletic Development, the functional training and movement-based philosophy of Better Every Day® includes all ages, all sports, and all activities.

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Goat Yoga

At Zenn Naturals in Eustis, FL basic Yoga is not enough. Among the trees, animals, and organic vegetables you can take an unforgettable yoga class with goats.

We are first generation farmers trying to make a living off the land. We offer produce grown organically and beyond, chicken eggs and raw goat milk.

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Green Tea Matcha

A genuine place. That comes from a genuine place. We exist to share. And invite you to rediscover an honest feeling of welcoming. In an uplifting, elegant communal setting – where you’ll fit in whether wearing a suit or sandals. The food we serve is an homage to the things you love most about life and the people you love spending it with. Cakes may be our calling card. But our sweet and savory menu options and exclusive Onyx Coffee offerings, make breakfast, lunch and dinner a delicacy, too.

So, stop by. Come sit a spell. Your company is what makes ours.

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